Who created it? What is its story? What is it worth?

Wes Cowan, the internationally recognized expert in historic Americana, and frequent appraiser in the PBS television series ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, is coming to The Barn for a "roadshow" style event to benefit the WACC Foundation. 

The format: sign up for a time slot (fee: $25) and bring your art to The Barn the morning of Friday, Nov. 10. You tell the story of your forgotten treasure - passed down in family, unearthed at a flea market, or left behind in an attic - and one of four Cowan's specialists will evaluate the items, briefly explaining what they're looking for and how they determine the value. They'll then give you an estimate of how much they would expect it to sell for at auction if it were put up for sale today.

What to bring: Paintings and Prints; Pottery and Porcelain; Glass; Folk Art; Furniture (if small enough to bring in, that's ideal but if you bring several pictures we'd be happy to look at that too); Quilts; Silver; Jewelry & Watches (new this year!).

Note: All evaluations are estimates and not official appraisals. They cannot be used for insurance, estate, tax, or other legal purposes.

Thanks for participating in this fundraiser for The Barn!

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